Staff Augmentation:

Recruiting become more of an essential component for business success. Companies need a recruiting partner that understands their client’s needs and concerns. United Business Solutions can supply the necessary skills and experience to develop a successful business delivery plan to our clients.

United Business Solutions works as a strategic partner to identify and place the highest level of IT talent for a wide range of domain. Our specialized IT staffing team assists organizations in attracting, recruiting, and placing qualified candidates swiftly for single contract consulting, full-time positions, or a large group of IT professionals for a long-term project.

What we offer our Clients:

  • Business Analyst
  • Software Quality Analyst
  • User Documentation & Technical Writers
  • Dot Net Programmer
  • PMP Project manger
  • Java Application Development
  • PHP Programming
  • SharePoint Consultants
  • UI Developer
  • Web Front End Developer
  • SQL Server Database Administrator / Developer
  • Oracle DBA

IT Corporate Training:

United Business Solutions is proud to announce the Advance Technology Training Center.

We offer in house classroom IT training and remotely online.

Make your exiting employee new with our Advance Technology Training courses.

It doesn’t matter what skill level your employees are at, United Business Solutions can offer tailored IT training for specific IT roles, task, and responsibilities to meet everyone’s training needs. We can design a customized IT training programs that need to be completed before a team member can earn a new job title, assess new job candidate on skills, onboarding new hires, and train teams base on their experience. We offer courses ranging from beginner, requiring no previous experience to advanced employees who have a greater understanding or previous certifications.

We provide all the tools your team needs to gain experience, learn new skills and to grow your business.

Our Training Offers:

  • Business Analyst
  • Software Quality Analyst
  • User Documentation & Technical Writers
  • Dot Net Programmer
  • PMP Project manger
  • Java Application Development
  • PHP Programming
  • SharePoint Consultants
  • UI Developer
  • Web Front End Developer
  • SQL Server Database Administrator / Developer
  • Oracle DBA

Solutions Offerings:

Do your company have something ambitious in mind?

We at United Business Solutions offers budget conscious IT projects management solutions to satisfy a wide range of business needs including,

Web development (PHP, .Net or Java)

Portal Development (PHP, .Net or Java)

Application Development and Maintenance

System Integration

Software Quality Assurance

Infrastructure support and services (help desk, desktop support, network support

Process Engineering

Technical Architecture

Our experience developers, database administrators, business analysts, project managers and infrastructure architects utilize our proven process and methodologies to ensure your project will be delivered on- time. No project is to small or too larger. United Business Solutions, service small IT projects as well as enterprise projects.

Storage Solutions:

UBS storage solutions deliver the right data to the right system whenever it is needed. Our federal and commercial clients experience flexible data storage that delivers reliable real-time, speed, and efficiency for end users.

UBS’s secured cloud storage solutions maximize the efficiency, flexibility, and reliability of your organization’s data without compromising security.

In an ongoing effort to be your integrated solutions provider, UBS’s technical specialist can provide you with the most comprehensive storage solution strategy offered on the market.

UBS is ready to assist you with planning, design, implementation, hardware/software storage solutions tailored to your budget and needs.

We can provide storage solutions to multiple platform including a various operation system such as Microsoft, Solaris, Linux, Unix, AIX. UBS has server hardware from manufactures like Dell, Sun, IBM, and HP.

Network Security Solutions:

Since 1990, the invention of the first web browser (Worldwide Web), Network Security risk has been a growing concern throughout the world. With the alarming number of securities breaches that occurs daily can cause devastation to any organization or company.

With today’s unscrupulous hackers and the growing demand for data to be maintained and secured, corporations are finding it challenging to protect their vital information from being compromised.

This is were UBS can assist, UBS can design a customized Network security solution to fit your needs and to protect the confidentiality, integrity and availability of data networks and network accessible resources.

Our customized IT Network security strategy plan would prevent hackers from hacking and compromising your critical data and prevent the risk of security a breach that may occur without protection.

UBS’s solution would focus on your company’s Network Firewalls, Cloud Network, Secure, Clod Wi-Fi, Intrusion Presentation System, VPN, Mobile Device Management, Network Access Control, Proxies, Web Filters, Data Loss Prevention, Network Anti-Virus and your Enterprise Datacenters.

Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity Solution:

With organizations increasing dependency on information technology to operate their business, a disaster recovery plan is vital to any corporations. Unfortunately, companies can’t always avoid disasters but with an effective IT disaster recovery plan companies can minimize downtime data loss and reduce the amount of risk that occurs during cyberattacks.

UBS can develop an IT disaster plan that would install servers, network monitoring software and installing update antivirus software.

We would perform a risk assessment to determine the potential consequence and impact associated with a IT disaster scenarios. The risk assessment process also evaluates the safety of critical data and vital records.


  • Prove a sense of security
  • Minimizing risk of delays
  • Guaranteeing the reliability of standby systems
  • Proving a standard for testing the plan
  • Minimizing decision-making during disaster
  • Reducing potential legal liabilities
  • Lowering unnecessarily stressful work environment

We can create a disaster recovery plan and a Business Continuity to protect your asset, investments, minimizes risk and work down- time.


United Business Solution is proud to be one of the leaders in engineering staffing industry.

With our principal leadership possessing extensive educational and work experience in the engineering domain

We understand Your Needs:

In addition to our outstanding leadership, United Business Solution over the years has built a solid core of ex engineers associates as a recruiting team. Our recruiting team is equipped with the necessary engineering education and practical work experience to understand our clients needs.

Whatever the engineering position you are looking to be fill, our experienced team can provide support with filling the requirements.

Our Engineering offers:

Architects, Design, Industrial, Plant, Mechanical, Project, Quality, Structure, Electrical, Research and Development, Software, Field Service and Cost Engineers to name a few.